Here is Brody, isn't he cute!! It is always a dilemma when traveling what to do with our furry, four-legged “kids”.  We had used a kennel once when our dog, Brody, was a pup with quite unsatisfactory results.  Since then we had always been extremely lucky to have available young adults who would stay at our home and give our pets good care in the comfort of familiar surroundings while we traveled. 

Then I was faced with a real crisis!  We had scheduled a trip and I was without a caregiver!!  They had all married or become unavailable, and so I was forced to investigate boarding options. My vet recommended a kennel, and of course I delayed until the last minute to make a reservation.  It was only a week before we left and we had no other options.  I visited and it was clean and well managed; I could tell they were caring folks.  Because of my procrastination the inoculation for kennel cough would have to be given through a nose spray…ugh!  To use his own food it would be an extra charge, as would allowing him “play time” in the fenced in play yard.  I wondered how Brody would handle being sandwiched in between those BIG dogs with all that barking?  He was used to being the Prince of his own one-dog domain with his own cushy pet bed and a yard that smelled only of him (oh, maybe the cats but they don’t count!)

I was losing sleep over this when my eye happened to see a familiar paw print in an unfamiliar ad in the local paper.  It was for Nannimals and I called first thing.  It was my good fortune that Kathleen Harpley had just opened her business of in-home pet care and I was so impressed that I signed on immediately.  That was 8 years ago and, like a fine wine, we have aged well together. 

Kathleen and/or associates have become like family…familiar with all the idiosyncrasies of our dog and two barn cats and handling all their medications with ease.  I can call her in time of emergency, and she steps in to handle all their needs until I return.  If we are traveling I know that they get excellent care in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings. When I return there is a full report of all her visits and observations.  An animal would never be fooled by a human being who tried to “pass” as an animal lover; you can tell by the way my “kids” greet her, that Kathleen and Co. are indeed Good Friends!