Nannimals Animal Nannies

Here are just a few of the letters Nannimals has received...

From Kathryn... Thanks so much for your loving care of our cats. We feel secure in knowing you were caring for them. I also appreciated your notes about their behavior.

From Donna... Thanks again! I am so so so so pleased!!!! My kitties have never been so happy!

From Jan... Thank you for taking Itty Bitty to the vet and arranging things with Lesley while I was gone. I would not have wanted Bitty to suffer until I got back. It is good to know there is someone here who cares about animals watching over them.

From Sara and Ron... Thank you for watching over Jessie-She was much happier to be at home than in the kennel.

From Dana... Thank you for taking care of our kitties. It was nice to get away for a vacation and it wouldn't be possible without you watching over our babies for us.

From Mary Joe... Click here for Mary Joe's Letter.

Happy clients, Toby and Samantha

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